Review of YouTube Views Sellers

Where to get YouTube Views

There are a slew of sellers of various YouTube related services in the marketplace today. For the YouTube marketer, views is probably the first item on the list of purchases. Views are what makes a video standout and be noticed, not only by visitors to your channel, but to the search engine behind YouTube and even Google. It is important that your video have views, otherwise people will pass it by as they think it must be uninteresting to others.

Well, we have tried a variety of these sites on our own videos and have found that it can be a little dangerous buying views these days. Often the views arrived so quickly that YouTube deleted the video due to “unnatural” views. Time, effort and, most important, money wasted. You need to go to a seller who understands the new rules with YouTube and feeds the views slowly and bot free. We found that this was the best site to buy youtube views. Their prices were highly competitive but most importantly our views grew at the proper rate and our videos gained views on the YouTube counter without being deleted!

Once you have established views on your video through a purchase, you still need to have an interesting and engaging video for your audience. Here are some ideas about how to make a good YouTube video:

And once you have that established you need to make sure your YouTube channel has a good number of subscribers. The good thing is that we have found a good site to get youtube subscribers for your YouTube channel.