Review: Twitter Followers Sellers

This post won’t do well on Twitter. Why? Well primarily because it won’t fit the 140 character limitation!

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Clearly, this limitation hasn’t curtailed Twitter’s vast appeal. This microblog success story has captured the world’s attention, and everyone is using it. News outlets, corporations, celebrities, athletes, government entities and even the President! It has become this powerful communication device and every marketing professional must include fluency in Twitter in today’s world.

It is the audience that makes Twitter, and that audience is followers. Getting Twitter Followers is key to having a large audience. And, as with Facebook Likes or YouTube views, you need to have followers to get followers. That is why we undertook a study to find the best Twitter Followers provider so you can get a jump-start on building a follower base. Without question, the best seller in this space and the best site for buying Twitter Followers is those guys. The followers are real twitter followers and they stay. This is in stark contrast to a number of other sellers we tested. Way too many of these providers followers simply disappeared within days. And, while a few companies resupplied, several of these vendors had simply vanished or didn’t return emails. Very negative experiences, so stick with our recommendation.

In order to keep your Twitter followers engaged in your missisives, you need to know how to use Twitter for marketing purposes. This video provides some help in this area: